Nubis Individual, Your personalized delivery service.

Nubis is your go-to destination for swift, secure deliveries and a modern shopping experience. Your world, your choices — we bring it all to you, effortlessly.

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Our Services to you

These are the services we render for you at Nubis.

nubis move
Nubis Move
nubis food
Nubis Food
nubis store
Nubis Store
nubis go
Nubis Go

The Nubis Benefits

Here are the features that will endear us to you.

Fast Delivery

No more delayed or slow deliveries as we offer fast and reliable delivery trips from the originating location to your preferred locations.

Ease of Payment

Enjoy ease of payment for all our services through the many payment methods and avenues we have provided for you.

Trusted Riders

You can rest knowing your packages are secured and safe with our riders. You can also track the progress of your packages in real time via our app.

Steps to Using Nubis

Here are the features that will endear us to you.

Download the app

Download the app

Set up your profile

Set up your profile

make your first order

make your first order

Your package in way

Your package in way

Download Nubis mobile

Download the Nubis app now and enjoy premium delivery services and more.

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